onsdagen den 11:e september 2013

lördagen den 17:e augusti 2013

Posted on my FB wall - Forwarded here by me.

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Hey so I've been thinking about a certain topic lately.. Bullying.
The thing is It doesn't make you cool, So why do it? To make you feel better about yourself? Uhm no. Try putting yourself in the victims shoe's for once, You may think it's cool but with every hateful thing you do or say, It literally kills the other person.
Do you feel good about yourself knowing half the time you are the reason that person cuts? Or has suicidal thoughts? Do you? Cause If I had to lie with myself knowing I pushed someone that far with ANYTHING I said or did, I just couldn't. I would HATE myself.
If you honestly feel "Cool" Knowing you are the reason one or maybe even a ton of people go home crying because of you, You honestly need help. Bullying doesn't make you "cool". If you sit there behind a computer screen or even in person calling someone a "loser" or an "idiot" to make you feel better about yourself, It makes you the loser, Not them.
Did you know, Most suicides happen due to bullying? It does. Just take a minute and realize, If you are a bully, People can and sometimes will take their life's because of something you say or did. The thing is bullying is NOT cool.
And yes, Like I said most suicides are due to bullying. Bullying need's to stop and so does suicide. If you feel suicidal because of bullying, Talk to someone, Get help. Don't let the bullies win, They don't deserve to win.
Show them who you are, Show them that you can do better, And you wont let them get to you. If we all try, Maybe we can stop bullies and show them what there doing to people, and peoples families.
Anyone who has or is feeling suicidal or is constantly getting bullied, It's your time to shine. You're not alone. Come out of the darkness and talk to someone.

— med Chalon Lynn Stark.